Monday, 12 March 2012


Becoming a good teacher, kena gak pandai pilih baju, style & warna yang fit dengan tie. Gua tak pandai sangat dalam bab- bab fasyen macam ni,  suam- suam kuku tu boleh lar. Semua gua amek dalam internet! hahaha.. Paling penting tutup AURAT! tudia..


  • If you are wearing a check or striped shirt use a tie that has the same main colors as the shirt. If you are wearing a gray shirt with black stripes choosing a gray tie will be most appropriate.
  • Choose a tie with a pattern that is bigger in size as compared to the pattern on the shirt. If your shirt has a larger pattern then choose a tie with a smaller pattern. In this case try to keep the color combination neutral.
  • If you are using a striped shirt with a tie having stripes too, because their colors look great together, make sure the size of the stripes is not the same.
  • Ties having bold patterns, like polka dots, should be used with a shirt that has a contrasting pattern. Such patterns should be worn to a light-hearted occasion and certainly not to an interview.
  • If you have chosen a micro check shirt and want to wear a micro check tie, make sure the shape of the checks on the shirt and tie are different. The color on the micro check tie should be matched with the suit or the shirt. But in no case the shirt, the suit and the tie should be of the same color.
  • If you are a fan of solid colors try a solid color shirt with a contrasting color tie. A striped tie looks really good with a solid color shirt. But at least one color on the tie should match with that of the shirt.

Tau dah hampa malaih nak baca :).. Jadi, Aku letak gambar sikit, review......

-focus on the combination between the shirt and the tie ok :)-

Just review only, untuk guide la.. Masing- masing ada taste, style t'sendiri.. Haa.. Just be urself ok..  :) .. PEN OFF~                    


  1. Great...fashionable and lots of examples...Thanks for sharing, bro...

  2. woww~ hehe

    i thought u nak letak gambr u jdi model ke..hee

    1. hahaha..aku mna la lyak msok kategori dlm gmbq tu,depa nsome sgt..aku buboh celah2 gmbaq aku sikit,jd r..hahah